Commonwealth-authorised Marriage Celebrants are listed on the Attorney General’s Department Register of Marriage Celebrants. You know it’s important to choose well so choose someone experienced; someone you trust – don’t choose on price. In choosing me you get quality and an awesome experience!

I’ll give you loads of helpful suggestions and possibly even some new inspiration when we meet.


* You both must understand what marriage means and be legally able and willing to enter into a life-long relationship with a person who is not closely related to you (direct descendants or siblings, including by adoption) – at least one of you must be aged over 18 years (if the other is aged 16 or 17, a Court must give approval), and you must not already be married!
* Following the required one month notice period, you must have an authorised marriage celebrant to take full responsibility for all the legal processes even if you choose other people to participate in your ceremony, and specific words must be used in the ceremony.
* Your full names (as on your birth certificate) must be publicly stated at the beginning of the ceremony or during your vows.
* The Monitum from the Marriage Act, 1961 – these words must be said by the celebrant before your vows, and cannot be altered.
* Your vows must include this line: “I ask everyone here/call upon these persons here present to witness that I, (full name), take you, (full name), to be my lawful, wedded husband/wife/spouse, or partner in marriage.”
* Two competent witnesses over the age of 18 years who are able to understand the ceremony in English. (Speak to me about translations or interpreters if necessary)
* Accurate proof of identity documents and completion of legal documents before and during the ceremony.
* Please be sober and not adversely affected by drugs: you must be capable of making a full, informed decision about marrying!

* Loads of people – your wedding can be as small as five… You two, your witnesses and your celebrant!
* Wedding rings!
* Any mention of obeying one another!
* Any questions of your guests about whether they object!
* A walk down the aisle!
* Being given away!
* Any mention of saying “I do”!
* Anything religious!
* A fancy venue or dress code – as long as it’s safe and accessible I can conduct your ceremony anywhere!

Your wedding ceremony is a chance to celebrate your love your way. You can include traditions you love or work out something unique.

I’m highly trained to help you find a way to reflect your beliefs, your hopes and your dreams, and begin your marriage the way you want it to continue!

I can take away all the stress of planning your wedding ceremony… my couples say, “Thanks Jen, you made it so easy!”

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