The Couple: Alice and Damian

Location: Geelong Botanic Gardens

For Alice and Damian, their wedding was a chance to not only honour their own relationship but in bringing their families together it was a chance to recognise their importance too, particularly now they’re living interstate. They welcomed them and asked a question of support for their marriage. In return, Damian and Alice presented their mothers with beautiful corsages made of pink carnations which represented the underlying spiritual and emotional links to a mother’s undying love. Their readings were presented by Damian’s sisters and the guests warmed their wedding rings with silent good wishes for their future. What a beautiful family-focussed wedding!

Testimonial: “Dear Jen, thank-you for delivering a most memorable ceremony at our wedding. Your kind, upbeat, professional personality made it a joy to work with [you] to create our special day. We both felt at ease during the ceremony, with you guiding the way. With great appreciation…”

Photo copyright: Kari-Teagan Photography