Looking to work with someone local while you’re, well, nowhere close?

You don’t have to be Australian or live in Australia to marry here, but you do have to prove a few things, and you must be over 18.

Here’s what to do:

  • Give me details of your date, time and venue, and a few thoughts about your wedding. We’ll chat via email and I’ll quote you then. Your date is confirmed on payment of your booking fee.
  • I’ll send you a Notice of Intended Marriage: fill it in and take it (unsigned) to an authorised person as noted on the reverse side and sign it in their presence.
  • Post or email it to me along with copies of your birth certificates, photo ID and if you’ve been married before, official documents relating to the end of your last marriage. You can scan and email them but I will sight the originals before the wedding so don’t forget to bring them with you!
  • I must receive your completed Notice of Intended Marriage no later than one month before your wedding.
  • The date I receive the NoIM is the date it’s lodged, not the date you sent it, so please leave plenty of time! You can lodge it up to 18 months in advance.
  • It’s illegal to surprise your partner with a wedding so make sure you both know what you’re committing to! Australian law states that marriage is between a two people voluntarily entered into for life. Both parties must be free and willing to marry one another. Marrying an Australian citizen does not give you automatic rights to stay here. I must be certain that both of you are giving one month’s notice of your intended marriage so I need contact details for both parties.

What’s acceptable proof of identity?

  • For people born in Australia – the original copy of your birth certificate is required, but an Australian passport is acceptable.
  • For people born overseas – the original copy of your birth certificate, or an official translated copy, in English, or a passport.
  • Passports must not have been cancelled.
  • Additional photo ID such as a driver’s license or proof of age card is also required.

Then what?

  • I’ll email you lots of helpful information and together we’ll draft a ceremony!
  • Short and sweet, extravagant, or blending things from your background(s) – I’ll guide you and I’m open to your ideas and needs! We do everything via email.
  • When you arrive we’ll go through all the necessary steps so you feel relaxed prior to the ceremony… It’s best to arrive a few days early.
  • NB – if you forget the original copies of your identity documents, please be aware that I won’t marry you!
  • No photographer, hair stylist, florist, musician or other necessary supplier? Don’t worry – I have a trusted group of people who can help. I’ll even find you a horse and carriage if that’s what you want!

The Wedding Day

  • You can marry on the beach, beside a river, in a vineyard, a park, a chapel, in the bush, on a boat or even on a vintage train – anywhere you like! Some places require permission and a fee. (It’s not part of my job to arrange this for you)
  • You need two witnesses over the age of 18 who speak and understand English. Let me know if you don’t know anyone. (You also need to understand English)
  • On the wedding day I’ll deliver a beautiful, legal ceremony for you, give you a printed copy of the ceremony to keep, and present you with your marriage certificate. I’ll arrange lodgement of your marriage and can either, give you the application form for the official certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages, Victoria, or for an additional fee, I can apply on your behalf. If you’d prefer, you can apply to BDM online or attend in person. You’ll have to pay extra for an express service – unfortunately I can’t speed things up!

After the Wedding

  • Relax and enjoy yourselves! I recommend staying a few extra days as it’s unlikely BDM will process your marriage quickly even if you pay extra.
  • You might need an Apostille stamp on your marriage certificate depending on your home country requirements. In Victoria it’s obtained here: – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Level 14, Casselden Place, 2 Lonsdale Street.

Whether you want a large wedding or an intimate elopement, I can make it easy for you too! Let me know if you’d like a chat via Skype!